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The following list of projects were completed from 1990-2001. They are simply listed and vary in scope from days to years.

Aetna Pathware->LearnLinc Integration
Aetna Pathware->LearnLinc Integration - eLearning integration used by 18,000 employees
ATC Demo
ATC Demo - OSHA safety course for ATC
Audio Wiz
Audio Wiz - Photography for LearnLinc audio configuration wizard
Authorware SyncAgent - Library of tools for Authorware authors developing content for use in LearnLinc
Bobs Discount Furniture Demo
Bobs Discount Furniture Demo - furniture inventory and kiosk system
CAT - Multiuser design tool to aid Portico team
Chemical Mechanical Planarization
Chemical Mechanical Planarization - Toolbook course developed for class delivered by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute over LearnLinc
Clock - Multimedia alarm clock
Crysler Spark Demo
Crysler Spark Demo - Training simulation demo for car maintenance
Director SyncAgent
Director SyncAgent - Code to allow Director content to synchronize in LearnLinc classes. Involved writing local HTTP server and director content.
Early Drawings
Early Drawings - pen and ink
Early Photography Projects
Early Photography Projects - bw photography
Early Video Projects
Early Video Projects - video projects developed in and outside of school
Exxon Demo
Exxon Demo - Toolbook course developed in LearnLinc workshop.
First Albany Demo
First Albany Demo - Toolbook demo designed at LearnLinc content
GPS - Hardware device for sports cars to track and store race car dynamics.
GPS 2.0 - Second iteration of embedded data logger. Designed to improve performance at Porsche track events.
Harper Collins Studio Calculus Demo
Harper Collins Studio Calculus Demo - Content developed to secure contract for Studio Calculus CD by Harper Collins
HP Internet Advisor Training
HP Internet Advisor Training - Training course simulating hardware and software aspects of the HP Internet Advisor
Jazz Greats
Jazz Greats - Multimedia course I delivered over Internet.
Kauffman Foundation Demo
Kauffman Foundation Demo - Tookbook content developed as a LearnLinc demo
KeyCorp Demo
KeyCorp Demo - Toolbook demo for LearnLinc
Macromedia Users Conference
Macromedia Users Conference - Delivered keynote with president of Intel + created animations used for Pentium II rollout
Kinkos Enterprise Purchasing System CBT
Kinkos Enterprise Purchasing System CBT - Rich multimedia CBT for Kinkos with user tracking sent to main office. Used to train 50,000 employees.
Kinkos Payroll Management & PeopleScheduler CBT
Kinkos Payroll Management & PeopleScheduler CBT - Second of 2 CDs developed for Kinkos. Student progress info sent to main office. Used to train 50,000 employees.
LearnLinc - Industry leading distance learning classroom product. I contributed a great deal to this product's success over the years.
LearnLinc 1.5 Quick Tutorial
LearnLinc 1.5 Quick Tutorial - Toolbook tutorial to teach LearnLinc basics.
LearnLinc 1.6 MetaInstaller
LearnLinc 1.6 MetaInstaller - First Authorware based autorun to launch LearnLinc installer.
LearnLinc 2.0 Meta-Installers
LearnLinc 2.0 Meta-Installers - Authorware based autorun to launch LearnLinc installers
LearnLinc 4.0 Authoring Kit
LearnLinc 4.0 Authoring Kit - Companion CD to LearnLinc with complete library of tools, samples, and training for multimedia content authors.
LearnLinc 4.0 Web UI
LearnLinc 4.0 Web UI - Designed and developed web admin system for education portals.
LearnLinc Authoring Kit
LearnLinc Authoring Kit - Designed and developed CD with tools for LearnLinc content authors.
LearnLinc I-Net Introduction Video
LearnLinc I-Net Introduction Video - 2 minute movie demonstrating LearnLinc I-Net. Contrained by <1 meg download requirement.
LearnLinc I-Net Quick Tutorial
LearnLinc I-Net Quick Tutorial - Toolbook based multimedia course on LearnLinc for students and instructors.
LearnLinc Login Splash
LearnLinc Login Splash - Animated splash screen displayed as LearnLinc connects to server.
LearnLinc Workshop - Created hands-on course for content creators, instructors, and administrators
Librarian->LearnLinc Integration - Proof of concept to integrate the LearnLinc classroom with the LMS, Librarian.
Life - Conway's Game of Life with GUI built in x86 assembler
MCI and Cisco Router Training
MCI and Cisco Router Training - Router hardware and software simulation. Later expanded to courses on 46 different Cisco routers.
MoonJuice Logo
MoonJuice Logo - 3d studio logo
PC Basics
PC Basics - Quick 2 day project to develop sample content for LearnLinc. Eventually translated into 4 other languages.
PC Basics 3D
PC Basics 3D - Highly graphical demo used by Intel for Pentium II rollout.
Personal Business Card
Personal Business Card - Two photos and photoshop. - Online photography community
Photoweb - Web based kiosk and order system for resort photos
Portico - Managed a team to develop an LMS
Site Engine 1.0 - My first product. It makes it easy for ordinary people to manage powerful secure websites.
Radiosity Tracer - DXF file parser and renderer generating BMP files. - Photography and website development for West Indies Spirits
The Rolling Stones - Fractal animations used on stage
RSVP - Toolbook course developed in LearnLinc workshop.
Sales Demo
Sales Demo - Toolbook content designed to help sell LearnLinc.
Simulator Express
Simulator Express - educational 3D simulations engine used by Fortune 500 companies
3D Animations
3D Animations - Commercial movie intros
Telecomm 101
Telecomm 101 - Authorware content developed for 1996 Macromedia Users Conference
Tempest - Undergrad Research Job on parallel computing
The Hedonist
The Hedonist - Opening credit animation for extreme skiing movie.
Toolbook Authoring Tutorial (LL 1.6)
Toolbook Authoring Tutorial (LL 1.6) - Toolbook CBT developed to train LearnLinc Toolbook authors.
Toolbook SyncAgent
Toolbook SyncAgent - Code to allow Toolbook content to synchronize in LearnLinc classes.
Toolbook Wiz
Toolbook Wiz - Tool for switching between different versions of Toolbook
Tornos Demo
Tornos Demo - Director based portfolio
Unisys Demo
Unisys Demo - Toolbook course developed in LearnLinc workshop.
WebUI 3
WebUI 3 - Web based course management system for LearnLinc. - Site for CCSU math classes taught by my father.
Auto Repair - Diagnose, repair, and restore personal cars
Auto Repair - Diagnose, repair, and restore interesting and personal cars.
Demographics Report Generator - On demand PDF reports with color coded maps, tables, generated text from variety of data sources
Ultra Efficient Home - Tracking, improvements
EPA Green Energy Leadership Club - 100% renewal energy
FIRST Robotics - Mentor of local team
Furnace Tracker - Small run custom hardware + web app
GPS Mapping/Dynamics - Custom hardware, x86 assembler
IFS - Educational fractal program featured in math journals
CQIA Innovation Prize - Silver Medal for quality innovation
Released 1.0 - XML database, eCommerce, email newsletters, group tools
Invisible Gold - Custom CMS used by 600+ companies
LearnLinc Virtual Classroom - Helped pioneer video "virtual classrooms". Responsible for authoring tool integrations
Performance Optimization - Custom analysis, inline code, and caching increased server capacity 100x
PHP Port - Slowly porting Invisible Gold to run on commodity hosting (PHP/MySQL)
SAAS transition - Migration to AWS, distributed control panel, customized time tracking/billing system
Reservation Light - RV park reservation SAAS produt.
SBA-CT - Home Based Small Business Champion of the Year
Site Engine - XML database with HTML rendering. Evolved into ecommerce multiuser websites with email newsletters and analytics
Undergrad Research Project - MASPAR256, IBM SP1 programming
LearnLinc Virtual Campus - Responsible for database backed website product for scheduling classes and managing content
Windsor Chamber of Commerce - Member and 3 years as board member
Win-TV - Chair of technology committee