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Macromedia Users Conference

I really like to take alot of the credit for taking ILINC to the 1996 Macromedia user conference. I spent several months writing a SyncAgent that would allow authors to write content in Authorware to share inside of LearnLinc. This means that the instructor could turns pages, highlight, and basically control Authorware content running on student's computers. Andy Grove (president of Intel) was giving the keynote at the conference. Our software supported his speach, and since we support the Intel Proshare hardware for our video conferencing, we further justified his presence at a multimedia conference.
This piece was alot of fun because it was short, flashy, and got alot of exposure. I created it in Authorware, and pulled out all of the stops on graphic overkill. The first page had a gratuitous animation of the three company logos spinning over a painted background. All of pages had lots of animation. Every button had glowing highlights. The color was vibrant and designed to show up well after project on the 5 huge projects.

I reproduced some of my earlier work in Toolbook in authorware at the different screen size. Notice the computers across the globe. As a final step in this project I flew out to California and played the role of student while Andy Grove, and my boss Mark Bernstein played instructor in front of the 5-6000 person audience.

I knew I was successful when other keynote presenters made jokes about how good the Intel logo looked.