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Exxon Demo

This was one of my first multimedia projects that I ever worked on. I have included it because I like the 3d animation that plays on the first page. The demo was created in Toolbook as a sales demo to sell my company's distance learning software to the Exxon management.
I spent two days working very closely with two Exxon employeesto create the demo. The content was designed to highlight the features of our system. Highlights include shared system events across a distance learning class. For example when the instructor clicks on a text field it changes color on all of the student's screens. The instructor can also highlight the content with a chalk tool and a pointer. As a kicker in the end the instructor can play movies.


This is another rush project. It was created to show Exxon executives how LearnLinc could be use to teach content to students around the world. The content expert was Ed Mohundro who travels the world teaching high tech hazard prevention to plant workers. Using LearnLinc he would need to travel much less. This was a 30 page book based on two sections of his week long course. I used Toolbook and captured video. It was fully interactive in the LearnLinc system.