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LearnLinc 1.5 Quick Tutorial

This was a multimedia demo of about 20 pages that shipped with learnlinc highlighting the different features of the software. LearnLinc is used in corporate and academic institutions to teach various subjects. In all cases it is necessary to teach students how to interact in the environment. This book is designed to be the first piece of content taught to the student. Again it is Toolbook content with 3D studio and photoshop graphics.

Actually I have written and maintained all of the quick tutorials that have shipped with LearnLinc software. Featured here is the quick tutorial that shipped with LearnLinc 1.5, 1.51, 1.52, and 1.6. It is a Toolbook book that shows off all of the features of our software. It is always available to a LearnLinc instructor to teach the features to new students, or to new users to explore on their own.
This book was designed to very to understand. The pages are layed out linearly. The user can click through with the arrows at the top right. There are also hot regions in the content that highlight like tooltips to give more information. For example when the user clicks on the buttons on the LearnLinc windows, text fields pop up on the instructor and student screens explaining the purpose of the button.

I was very happy to use my 3d studio experience on this project. notice the 3d globe in the background, and the 3d page layout on the contents screen. These were all models that I created for this project. In fact, the surface of the globe is one of my paintings that I scanned in and tweaked in photoshop.