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CAT was a product born out of necessity. I was managing a team of 7-8 people putting together a web product using a variety of different technologies. Our design was initially a list of Use Cases in a Word doc. I built a database backed web site using ASP to make it easier to work with the use cases.

Somewhere in the early development stage we were drowning in file names, and not working together very well. We had Use Cases, Test Cases, Help Docs, ASP files, XML schemas, XSL files, CSS files, and COM object database functions.

CAT solves the problem by tracking all aspects of the design. It is a database backed web site that manages all of the various files, and more importantly their relationships. The Use Cases define the interaction with the user. It directly references the ASP files that get and receive data. The ASP files reference XSL files and database functions that return XML data. The XSL files loop back and need to link to the ASP files, etc. CAT simply tracks all of the files and makes it easier to work through the design before writing code.