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Early Photography Projects

Recently I took up photography and fell head first into a new hobby. It didn’t relent until I had my own darkroom and a few hundred prints. Here is a sampling of some my prints from 1995. Each of these prints comes from a site in Great Barrington. The fairgrounds were hit by a tornado and destroyed. I visited three times in the next year as it got cleaned up. It is still in quite a level of disrepair.
· Nails - it took a lot of guts to take this photo. I am on the second floor of the bleachers. That pile of nails used to hold down a beam that should be holder up the the roof (it was scattered all over the place) Just twenty feet to my right the floor transitions from a “solid” platform to a pile of rubble (tiny, tiny little pieces)… in the process it connects the two levels.
· Fire truck hood - this was and old fire truck that was untouched the by the tornado. I took this photo early in the morning. There was a thick layer of dew on the metal.
· Inside car with Silhouette - another shot of the same
· Tornado overview - this was my first photo that I considered as a good shot. I later used it in an advertisment for a party called “Deconstruction”
· special effects (solarization, cobwebs, and both) - In my darkroom I like to play with various special effects. Here’s a sample of three using solraization (turning the light on halfway through the print development process), fabric softer sheets in the enlarger, and a combination of the two)

Photography - People
This is a sample of photos taken during my “candid people” phase. I thought that the best shot was one taken without notice. I shot most of these outside my apartment in Troy. In all cases (except the self portrait) I tried to catch people in a natural setting.
· Friends and