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LearnLinc 1.6 MetaInstaller

This is the front end to LearnLinc 1.6 which is our shipping product. It is our first effort that was released on CDROM. It includes an autorun script and users go through this to install the latest software. It was a combination of hand drawn graphics with photoshop modification output to authorware.

This was the first version of our software to have a meta-installer. This is an application that automatically opens when the CD is inserted in the drive on a windows 95 computer. Mine was created in Authorware.

I created the background and buttons with crayons attempting to make it look like an old parchment. The screen was created entirely in photoshop with different layers for the button's normal, highlight, and pushed states. Each of the buttons launches a separate installer, or another multimedia book. Notice in this picture that the mouse is currently over the Authorware Share Agent Demo Button.