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Toolbook Authoring Tutorial (LL 1.6)

Being an author for the shared environment takes some getting used to. I created this demo to teach authors the difference between regular toolbook authoring and that for LearnLinc. It combines a director movie, hand drawn graphics, and well designed code. In this I did not hide the Open Script and made the book editable. The user follows steps in the documentation or the director movie to modify this toolbook book to be LearnLinc aware. Again there are crayon original drawings.

One of my responsabilities at ILINC is to maintain the Toolbook ShareAgent. It is a tool for multimedia authors to create multimedia content that does cool things when run inside a LearnLinc session. LearnLinc is an online classroom that creates communication via different tools.
The ShareAgent synchronizes page turns, shares data, etc. Over the last three years lots of features have been added that really give alot of power to the author. This demo was designed to explain the structure and functions of the Share Agent.

This was a great project to work on. Everything seemed to fall into place. The graphics were created with crayons and ripped paper that were scanned into Photoshop and tweaked. The buttons all push in. Several graphics were created with 3D studio. Like the Authorware Authoring Tutorial there is an animation that explains how to modifiy this book to make it LearnLinc sharable. The animation was created in Director and exported to an AVI file. Probably the biggest reason why I love this project is that I wrote the content and got alot of great feedback. In its final state it was close to 60 pages of solid content.