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Bobs Discount Furniture Demo

One of the largest furniture retailers in Connecticut wanted bids for a centralized database system that would allow customers to search for specific pieces of furniture that may exist in other branch stores. They would get accurate information about the item, the ability to zoom in and see it in a variety of styles and colors, and even determine the quantity available.
I created this demo entirely in Toolbook with the intention of later writing a database interface in Visual C++. Toolbook is designed around the page metaphor which lends itself nicely to databases. In the working demo there were 8 different pieces of furniture that can be searched according to different criterea. The user can browse for furniture with basic criterea such as new items, sale items, or along a fully customized pattern (such as a table made of oak or pine between 100$ and 200$) The demo had working examples of the default search tools, the ability to zoom in on the pictures, and the ability to see a piece of furniture in different styles (such as different colors)

Unfortunately we didn't get the contract, but it is a really nice demo. The background graphics were created with a combination of 3d studio and photoshop. The entire project took two days including design.


This was a multimedia demo used as a proof of concept for a large scale application development. It was developed entirely in 10 hours. The goal was to create a database front end for customers and sales people to use on the floor of a Bob's Furniture store. Each computer would tie into the main office database and would contain up to the minute inventory and sale information. Each product has points that are highlighted, and the ability to see each product in every color scheme and do se