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Sales Demo

Early in 1996 I created my first real multimedia project. I had to work with marketing to create a sales demo that demonstrated that real multimedia could be used inside of LearnLinc. I took this as a challenge and set out to learn how to accomplish it.
We were demonstrating our software with old thinkpads at the time. Their entire screen resolution was 640x480. Combined with the software we were demonstrating I was left with a screen size of about 400x400. I got to play with 3d studio on this project. There are lots of different models that I created and rendered all over the place.

The demo itself was created entirely in Toolbook. I developed several new techniques on this project. The coolest one was the autohighlighting buttons. Whenever the mouse moves over an active button it automatically highlights. This is accomplished with a bunch of general purpose scripts that I wrote. It effectively gives me three and four state buttons. The buttons along the bottom of the screen allow a sales person to jump to any page immediately. The buttons show the current page, and indicate when a page has already been visited. The final cool effect is on the last page when the user can build a computer network from parts. There is enough logic in the system to only let you add parts that make sense. It is impossible to add routers if there aren't two networks to connect. (it took alot of work to make sure the data stayed synchronized across an entire class)

This was my first multimedia book designed for repeated use (unlike the various single use demo’s that you will see later in this book) It was designed for an experienced sales person to demo the LearnLinc software from a distance, and to answer questions by immediately jumping from one section of the presentation to another. Also the interface was desig