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Got Power?

Got Power?
I made great progress last night. I have the breadboard assembled and most of the components working. Well, working enough to get some power readings.

This Propeller board is nice because there are drivers for everything I want to use. I just merge lots of code and it seems to just flow together.

1) The base board takes - 39mA.
2) Displaying lots of pixels on the screen - 150mA.
3) Base board + everything (no screen) - 65mA
4) Everything (just text on screen) - 90mA

The board starts with 5V and a 3.3V regulators. I only need 3.3V, so I pulled the 5V and lowered the energy requirement 10-15mA.

This really calls into question my 9V battery pack. That's almost 2x the voltage (and weight) that I need. The 3.3V regulator needs 4.75-26V.

I may also be able to wire the board so I can shut down components and add a sleep mode.