John Waiveris - (860) 285-0172
Skill: Web
DescriptionAWS, PHP, .Net, CSS, Javascript, XSLT, IIS, REST, WordPress
CommentsI really enjoy programming on the internet. Most of professional career has been developing a product called LearnLinc. It is a virtual classroom tool that uses different types of traffic to transport audio, video, and application data between students.

I had some basic experience developing a personal web site, but then spent several years developing a web interface for LearnLinc. This project exposed me to server side programming (ASP) and I have worked on several other projects in the recent years.

Right now, I do most of my work in ASP and COM objects on the server side, with rendered HTML and Javascript on the client side. Recently I have been programming a great deal of XML for Site Engine.

My first experience with internet sockets came in college, and a few projects have required me to write HTTP servers, FTP clients, and custom sockets.