John Waiveris - (860) 285-0172
Company: Personal/Other
CommentsWhen I was a kid, I played with Legos. Computers were much cooler so I built a 286 and started writing programs instead. There was a video company across the street from my house. I set up their computers and they let me play with video equipment after hours.

Early in college I discovered computer animation and became a benevolent hacker stealing processor time to render animations. One animation took 2-3 big computers 2 months to render. Another took 60+ RS6000 workstations all night.

Soon I discovered 3d Studio and made animations for 2 ski films. A college research project gave me access to a graphics lab and I used SGI ONYX workstations to make fractal animations for the Rolling Stones.

Working at ILINC took most of my time, but eventually I applied my new multimedia skills to outside projects. I programmed 2 CDROM's for Kinko's, and wrote a training simulation engine used by MCI, Cisco, and HP.

Recently I quit my day job to concentrate fully on a side venture.