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Playa Computer 2009

Playa Computer 2009
Playa Computer is like a window into a virtual world that you carry around the playa. It is like a computer that requires you to walk to new places to run different programs. Some of these programs use your movement like a mouse; for example a video game or a paint program. Other programs encourage you to explore or encourage people to interact.

It is a community device. The hardware is within the budget of most burners. For $100-$150, a person will be able to buy a GPS car navigation system (useful in regular life) and download/install the playa computer software ahead of time. It may also be available as a kiosk art installation with devices to borrow.

Eventually, I want to start an online community of contributors with creative ideas for next year's software. The programming environment is simple enough for beginners, and I would like to include different levels for people to contribute. Grant money can elevate it to a project available to more than just my group of friends.

Download: playa_computer.pdf