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Todo List

I have just a few days to get this working. Here is my todo list:

1) create serial function that stores data
2) create data loader app that processes it
3) create work flow for graphic files
1) pad and send calendar data
2) pad and send graphic files
3) get clock working
4) write "sleep" routines

1) test sound device
2) cut board
3) remove extra components
4) test prototype board
5) remove 5V regulator and tie into batteries
5) transfer components to prototype board

1) decide on batteries
2) make "blank" of proper size for case
3) go to Mike's to get help
4) decide on solar

1) write "interface" driver function
2) write "what's happening now" routine
3) design "os"
4) create "change mode" function
5) create compass routine to select location
6) create tarot app
7) create fractal app(s)
8) create "blink" mode
9) create vision quest app