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Storing Data

Storing Data
Ok, so I learned the screen really needs 4-6V to use the SD card. I moved it's power supply to the primary voltage regulator. Then the demos worked fine.

The next step was really learning how to work with the screen. One annoyance is that you shouldn't pull the power from it. You are expected to run a "power(0)" command. It took me a while to learn to run the opposite to make it display again. Apparently "init()" isn't enough.

Anyway, I got it to display bitmaps and started figuring out how to send data to the device to be stored on the drive. I found some code and started writing a console application. At this point, it can send a string of bits that end up being displayed on the screen. I'll need to write some protocol to reliably send the data...and pad the images and calendar data to fit into sectors nicely.