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Gas Pedal - Wow!!! - 90 Minutes

Gas Pedal - Wow!!!  - 90 Minutes
OK, the next stage was to free up the engine. The carb has an interesting "spring" controlled throttle. It sort of reminds me of the way vacuum would control the fuel needle in an old SU carb. Regardless, I added a pedal that would force it to rev higher. (haven't attached a tachometer to see just how much...but it is is significant).

The results are in - the lawn was done in 1.5 hours! That's less than half the time. The engine rattles quite a bit at maximum throttle with no blades spinner - but that's not a big deal. (makes it feel fun actually).

DANGER - Ok, so I messed up. Coming off a turn within the first 6 or 8 passes, I clipped a tree and bent the frame back at least 1 inch on the left. The rest of the lawn was painful to mow due to the rubbing steering components.