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First Iteration - Laptop in a 911 in England

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Well, here's the first version of a project that has been developing for several years. Somehow I found myself in England with time on my hands, a laptop, and a GPS kit.

I wrote a C application (for DOS) that basically just read in the GPS signals (NMEA) and created graphs and in car details. It was great fun to create data files and learn my way around a remote location. (I used to get lost driving back from the supermarket)

Keep in mind that this was long before in car navigation systems were the vogue. In fact, handheld GPS wasn't even much of an option (at least not with maps). If they were, I wouldn't have spent $700 for a kit the size of a brick that ran off the car battery.

Also, keep in mind, my goal was to make something that had fancy looking gauges that would record a car on the track for getting faster lap times. (I figured those car nuts would be a good market.)