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More about MIMA

More about MIMA
Go to 99mpg.com if you'd like to modify your own car with a MIMA board. Mike will talk you through the process, fill out the paperwork, and the kit will be on its way.

You might want to spend some time reading about MIMA on InsightCentral.net too. It's amazing the way you can trace the design and development all the way back to initial ideas. Be sure to read about forced auto stop, the cardboard trick, and various other ways that Insight owners are modifying their cars. It's more than a product you order and install, it's a way of thinking.

"It took 8 gallons of gas to go 120 miles!?! I haven't driven a regular car in a while." - Alex from CA (A stock Honda Insight would taken 2 gallons.)

"Notice the car stereo. It runs Linux, a fitting companion to the car" - Armin