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Aero Photos

I took this collection of photos the morning after a snow storm with strong wind. The car sat facing into the wind in a sort of "tunnel" parallel to the road. I moved it to the sunlight to capture the photos before the day heated up.

Although it looks like a heavy/crusty snow, it was actually light enough to blow away. The winds were pretty strong - perhaps 40 mph and mostly from the front. Perhaps someone with better aerodynamic understanding can learn something from them...?

This sort of reminds me of a story about the Porsche 928. Supposedly, (if my memory is correct), they carved a 911 (or beetle) out of soap and left it in running water for several weeks. The resulting shape was eventually used as a start for the 928 (which some considered ugly and others considered ahead of its time).

Note: The snow on the back window was 1.5-2 inches deep.